Control LIne Flying

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Great Lakes Special

Suls Rekord Trainer

Paul Tupker VT Air Racer

Henk de Jong Mustang Ace


Braiding Lines

Russian Model

Mercury Monitor

Fokker D7

At the age of 11 or so I must have been bitten by the Aeromodelling bug. I recall an item in a “Boys Own” annual and seeing models hanging from other people's ceilings. Then one day I was given a Cox PT-19. To be honest, I never managed to fly it but had more success with simple balsa controlliners built from kits and plans.

Below is a picture of myself with a “Little Ike” (Scientific kit*) and in the background a “Great Lakes Special” built from a plan in a magazine. Power came from Cox 049 Babe Bee engines, mostly bought secondhand from schoolmates that started to pursue other interests.

* The “Ike” kit was bought in a classic 1950's – 1960's hobby shop where I once witnessed a pulse jet demo in the store.

Some wonder that parents and neighbours did not protest about the noise produced by the glow motors – tolerance as we no longer know it!