The 80's

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Traveled to England on several occasions to watch historic aircraft fly - this was at DuxfordNo trick photography - a low flyby.

"Sally B" survived upto the Eighties and is still around today - just look for her on the Web ..

This picture was taken at Old Warden Aerodrome, Biggleswade England - holy ground for aviation (modeling) enthusiasts because it is the home of the Shuttleworth Collection, a wonderful display of historic aircraft in a nostalgic setting.

Classic model aeroplane is named "Cardinal", designed by Phil Smith (another hero!) and once marketed out of Bournsmouth by a famous kit company named "Veron""Free-flight" means no radio, just prayers....

This Cardinal, built in the early Seventies, still survives and is powered by a 0.5 cc diesel engine (DC Dart).

Another pleasant venue in the Eighties was the old part of Schiphol airport where we were sometimes allowed to fly small models inside the enormous hangars but now security measures have ended this privilege. The green blur is a peanut scale (13-inch wingspan) Stinson 125 from a Micro-X kit with thanks to the late Gerald A. Skrjanc.

Telco C02-powered flying flea.