History of Aeromodelling in the Netherlands

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Here is a collection of old model aircraft plans that for the greater part are of Dutch origin. They have been placed simply into two categories: personally sourced and found on the Internet (Other x). Beyond that, the order is simply alphabetic. Additionally, various sorted lists with links to the images can be browsed.

Back in the 1970's these plans were owned by the Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association and resided in a library at the Aviodome museum at Schiphol Airport (now the Aviodrome at Lelystad). The library was housed in a damp area and as all paper materials deteriorated there, a group of volunteers interested in aeromodelling teamed up to photograph the collection of vintage plans in order to preserve them for future generations.

A large flat box with a perforated frontal surface was constructed, connected to a vacuum cleaner. The low pressure in the box created suction through the perforations and provided a safe and effective way of fixing the delicate drawings for photography. The system also enabled efficient processing of the many documents. The photography of the plans collection was performed using high-resolution “AGFA Ortho” black and white 35mm film.

At the time the operation took place, many drawings had already “disappeared” from the library, but after the recording sessions the unprocessed films also went astray and were presumed lost for decades.

Mid 2013, the lost film rolls turned up again, but only in part. It emerged that they had been processed but they revealed little when scanned at 1200 dpi. Professionally scanned at 4000 dpi, most of the details captured 35 years earlier re-emerged. The results can be found under the buttons “Personal 1” and “Personal 2”.

In addition to the own effort, a large number of vintage plans were found on a general photography website. These plans strongly resemble the comprehensive original collection of the Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association and they have been captured and represented here under the headers “Other 1 – 4”. These recordings were apparently performed directly with digital equipment and the results are clearly better than those that went through the analog/digital process.

Some points of interest:

The dates on the plans reveal that there was some aeromodelling activity during the WWII years and not only are there swastika's to be seen but authors later stripped of their Dutch nationality. Evidently, some of the activity was propaganda-oriented and aimed at stimulating air-mindedness for at least political purposes. On occasions, the word “Royal” has been censored out of the text “Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association” where this had been stamped on the paper in pre-war times.

Besides the many large and sophisticated models there are small and simple models designed to be made from materials that one could have had access to in those days – cardboard, bamboo, pine strips and glues that nobody can recall now. No plastic props to be seen - if you wanted to fly you carved your own..