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Once upon a time the small group of indoor enthusiasts in the Netherlands had the privilege of being allowed to use the enormous KLM hangars at Schiphol Airport. When security issues ended that era, a gentleman named Gé Brouwer started organizing meetings at a central location in the country, Utrecht. In addition to looking after all the formalities around funding and hiring sports facilities, Gé also volunteered a newsletter that was sent out before each meeting – a gentle reminder to show up. When the festive season came around, he treated us to confectionery and organized competitions!

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Gé went far in his efforts to support our hobby: he demonstrated attractive indoor models for beginners and described their construction in a dedicated fashion. The French “Sainte Formule” , a class of 13-inch wingspan sport indoor models, was enthusiastically promoted by Gé in a booklet named “The Holy Fly”:

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The 3-page plan in PDF format:

Sadly, Gé passed away on 13th December 2012 and he has proved himself irreplaceable.