1953 Opel Olympia


Acquired In 1972 in the village of Hummelo, and remained in my possession until 1977.

I once traveled to Switzerland with it but the 80 km/hour cruising speed was a bit thin for the German autobahn and the Swiss mountain roads were a big challenge uphill and down with a low-compression engine and fading brakes.

The many trips in search of parts and the enjoyment around tinkering are fond memories.

  • typical, tinny Opel sound and cosy interior.

  • 6-volt electrics and 3-speed column shift.

  • Foot-operated starter and headlight dimming switches.

  • windscreen wipers driven directly from the camshaft and “lolly”-style turn-indicators.

  • modifications: a heater from a '54 model and Trabant headlight units.