HM-14 Pou-du-Ciel

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One of my heroes is Henri Mignet, a Frenchman who led a truely remarkable life that included the pioneering of homebuilt aircraft with his notorious "Flying Flea". Do read his biography if you can find it!

The model below was inspired by the full-sized one lent to the now-closed "Aviodome" museum at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Model is powered by a tiny Brown CO2 engine (hidden within the dummy motorcycle engine) and has flown at contests in Holland, Belgium and the UK. Flight performance is truly representative of the real thing - hairy - which of course makes it is a crowd-pleaser! Plan was provided by Robin James.

Henri Mignet biography:

Henri Mignet and his Flying Fleas by Ken Ellis & Geoff Jones

ISBN 0-85429-765-0