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Back in the USSR

You probably expected something else here – but these are hard-to-get too: “Control line model airplane Po-2”

Most model diesel engine enthusiasts own or know about the Russian MK-17. It is a lump of an engine, much heavier than other 1,5 cc motors. Judging by the prices on the internet, they are either in abundance or simply not in demand. My own example, acquired in the UK in the late 70's, has spent it's entire life in the equally lumpy plastic box that it left the factory in. Recently, I was given a second MK-17 and for some reason I began to wonder what the Russians had ever used them for.

After spending fruitless hours on the internet in search for Russian line control kits and plans, I popped the question to a friend and was pleasantly surprised to hear that he possessed a kit for a vintage Russian beginners' model. The surprise took on new dimensions when the box contents was revealed: no balsa to be seen and illegible instructions. The wings are plywood, the fuselage spruce and the rest is metal.

Put your Russian engine to work and yourself as well: here are full size images of the works. Please set for A4 size paper!


Lower wing:

Upper wing:


Sheetmetal parts:

Miscellaneous parts:

Cyrilic instructions