Saint She Sweet

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The “Peanut Scale” model airplane class is not an easy one to start off with. The fact that these models are “scale” by nature makes them difficult to trim and fly for the majority of those first attracted to them. A famous French modeler named René Jossien understood the issues and created a similarly sized class of model airplanes that would enable beginners to build and fly a 13” span rubber-powered plane successfully: Formula Saint.


Around 1988 “Aeromodeller” published an item on Formula Saint: it can be found on the “Outerzone” website. Below is the plan of my favorite Jossien model, the “P'tit Saint”...

After a few of the Jossien-models and a “Miniform” designed by J.F. Frugoli, I drew a plan of my own, wanting something different. Well, I got something different: the flying experience was hardship. Having recently learned a little about trimming low-winged designs I might just take the model out of storage and have another go... The pictures below were taken by Gé Brouwer.