Veron Sky-Skooter

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1950's free flight / radio control model by Phil Smith (Veron).

This example, built in South Africa the 1950's by a friend of the family, was flown ROG from a site 1600 meters above sea level. Passed on to me in the 1960's, it later flew in the Netherlands. The most recent initiative to fly it on a nearby heather was thwarted by a warden who was concerned about the welfare of a flock of sheep about a mile away..

What the kit box and it's contents looked like.

Spanning 48 inches and powered by a lively Mk 1 ED Bee 1,0 cc diesel engine, it is advisable to keep the engine runs short in order to prevent flyaways. The charismatic struts that presented too great a threat to the delicate tissue covering have long been discarded.

The Sky-skooter's various color schemes show under the hood. The additional holes in the engine bearers are a reminder of the DC Spitfire engine which was once deployed while the “Bee” went to a control line model.

Wing loading is so light that the model is bound to disappear on a sunny day.

If I choose to re-cover the Sky-skooter once more, the first fuselage bays are going to be filled in with balsa for my fingers are forever puncturing the tissue there. In so doing I can also dispose of some of the nasty lump of lead under the engine.

Window glazing was renewed somewhere in the 1980's – the original celluloid was no longer transparent and very brittle. Many of the acetone-based glue joints and some of the balsa parts were also renewed at that time, but otherwise the model remains quite sound.

The stabilizer's round airfoil still butts against a straight longeron – it's about time I changed that!