Stinson 125

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Stinson 125 - my first successful peanut scale (13"" span) model and an instant success.

Built around 1982 from a Micro-X kit – much appreciated quality and thanks to Gerald Skrjanc. Classic stick-and-tissue construction. Hundreds of flights, many in the hangars of Schiphol airport.

Airborne pictures thanks to Jacques and Gé ..

Launching the Stinson in one of the jumbo-hangars at Schiphol Airport, around 1982 - wonder who that young man was?

Personal Computers were a novelty at the time that this Stinson was built. The laptop pedestal below has long been recycled but the Stinson survives.

Just like in real aviation there comes a time when airworthiness is challenged by wear and tear. Generally, it is much easier to repair than to build from scratch and with a few drops of wonderful aliphatic glue, a tiny bit of balsa and some tissue scraps (left over after the build in 1982) the Stinson will soon be back in business.

Back in one piece again! Not a square centimeter of the original green tissue is left – so the next overhaul could mean a total recovering job!