Suls “Astrid”


A friend who lives near a lake passed me a derelict pond boat that was washed up on the shore. Being a "vintage" enthusiast I could not turn down his request to give the old girl a new lease of life. The (balsa) boat was built from a kit supplied by a small Netherlands company named "Suls" at the end of the '60s, perhaps early '70s.

Currently I am searching for original drawings and pictures of the “Astrid” or perhaps even a complete kit, in order to accomplish a restoration. In particular, I need information about the rigging and the automatic steering device (Brain gear).

If you can help, please contact me!

Below: pictures of a similar yacht, sold on the internet.

Another example offered for sale on the internet..

The buyer supplied me with a lot of useful construction details.

Below is an example belonging to a museum.