Wittman Tailwind

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A classic 13" Peanut Scale model of a "Wittman Tailwind" under construction

Balsa airframe weighs about 4 grams when ready for covering. The complete model should not weigh more than 5 - 7 grams if it is to fly safely for a minute with 1500 turns on the rubber motor. Plan provided by Siegfried Gloeckner (click on the picture for a close-up ...).

15th February 2004.

The nose, wings, stabilizer and rudder have also been completed. Wheels are turned from blue foam, bearings are 4mm lengths of syringe needle that have been cut with a "Dremel" tool.

What the real thing looks like. Perhaps the first ever example photographed at Oskosh. (Click on the picture for a close-up of the sign ...)

20th February 2004

March 2004

The Tailwind, 7 grams empty, is awaiting its prop and rubber motor. Preliminary gliding tests are promising although very straight for all the left rudder built in - another banana-fuselage by JW

March 2004

The Tailwind flies