Vic Smeed's “Waterbug”


As a boy in the '60s I read an article on the subject of a 13-inch model boat, designed by a prolific English modeler named Vic Smeed (another hero!). 30 years on I was still able to order the plans thanks to the great English tradition of cherishing heritage! For those who are unfamiliar with the name, Vic Smeed dedicated a great deal of his life to model building and authored many titles on the subject as well as editing magazines.

Two "Waterbugs" were built from balsa wood - the example shown is the second buiilt and enlarged by 50%. Electric power (simple 3V motor from a scrapped toy) and single channel radio-control for rudder only.

Silly prices are demanded for other people's old plans nowadays. The Waterbug plans are available here as a free download that you may enlarge or reduce as you wish, but the original was 13 inches long.

Click on the image below for a 300 dpi JPG.